Monday, August 10, 2009

Home Brew Classes

I have gone to a couple of classes at Tir Na Nog in Raleigh. I took the advanced class for kegging/bottling. THEN, I took the beginner class. Kinda backwards, but I found that they don't give the advanced courses very often, so I wanted to catch this one on the way by.

Both classes were very good. John and Mark taught to Kegging/bottling. Chris and Mark taught the beginner class.

Guess I should back up. American Brewmaster here in Raleigh teaches the beginner class first tuesday of each month. Advanced classes are on 3rd Tuesday and they change each month.

I have the schedule for upcoming advanced classes and will post them next.

Kegging was good, I had seen some of the info on youtube and other internet videos. Great to see it right in front of you and poke at the equipment and ask questions.

The Beginner class was equally good and it was cool to actually brew beer in class. (though we didn't get to see the fermentation or bottling.) Mark suggested we come by the shop in a few weeks to try the actual beer we brewed in class. (gonna do that and report back!!)

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