Friday, August 14, 2009

Brewing improvements?

I completed my first brew yesterday. Can't say how it has come out yet, but from a brewing point of view I can think of a couple things to improve.

ICE. Wasn't ready with enough Ice. I can see where an immersion chiller is a good tool.

Relax. It is easier that way. I was pretty ok, but it was my first brew.

Sanitize everything early, have everything, plus some extra stuff ready for use. I needed a few "tools" along the way. Bowls, etc. So get them ready upfront.

Find a better way to heat up the extract. It was still pretty thick. Need to get all of it out. (higher gravity that way)

Drink while I brew....well not at 9:30 am.

write everything down. I was ok this time, but need to be sure to record the OG, etc.

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