Friday, August 28, 2009

Foothill Farms - Hops in New York State

I visited Foothill Farms today. Foothill Farms is the first commerical hop farm in the area for over 50 years. Larry Fisher talked to me for a while and showed me around. Larry and Kate have a nice hops farm and brewshop in Munnsville,NY. It is about 45 minutes from Cooperstown, which makes it about 2 hours from Albany.

Larry talked to me about his picking machine and hop separater. He has been in the hops business since 2001. Quite a nice operation. He has 12 varieties of hops. 8 of the varieties are Certified Organic.
He sells the hops to both homebrewers and professional brewers. The hops are available on his website at:
Right now he has mostly leaf hops, but is starting up a pelletizer and will have them available as well. If you are in the market, I suggest you call or email Foothill. (ps. this is not a paid advertisement).
AND as I discovered after I returned home, Larry is the President of the Northeast Hop Alliance. They are working on re-establishing commercial specialty hop production in New York and the Northeast.

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