Tuesday, July 27, 2010

OOOhhh-Me-Gang! aka Ommegang.

I have been on the tour a bunch of times, but can never get enough of Ommegang. Took a couple of friends along to see the top fermentation and warm storage bottle conditioning..

The brew house

The tasting room.

It was Patti's first visit....think there will be more in the future!!

Hops Nursery

Just a quick note on the nursery. I enlisted a green thumb to tend the nursery. Actually, I ran out of time to find a spot to plant the rhizomes I had in the fridge so....

I did containers for the first year to allow for easy transplanting. I put together a PVC trellis.

7 different varieties. Of the 14 rhizomes, 12 came up....

They are even bigger now and those that are going to flower, will be starting soon....

Hops Update

So here are a few photos of the Cascade Hops. These are the 2nd year plants.

Sue and I flying in to check the hops. Kidding!

Nice cones.

Looks good.

The plants...

Finally a new brewery...!!!

Hey all. Sorry for the long delay...

We moved into our new place this past week and the brewery is mostly still in boxes, but I feel a brew day coming soon.

Hmmmm. Sue wants a Wit or Hefeweizen. Will come up with a recipe soon.

AND, Phil wants an ESB or a Black IPA. PLUS, I have to put together an Octoberfest soon to age it out before serving in Sept/Oct.

Stay tuned...