Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mooooving Day is Friday

I have only been brewing for a short time.....BUT, wow what a load of stuff I have to pack!

Ever try to pack a carboy? How about 5? Pots and buckets, bottles (full and empty)....wish I was had switched to kegging.... and frozen hops....hope they make it....

Next brew day? Not sure....but wish it was tomorrow!

Monday, April 26, 2010


I bottled the mead last night. WOW! It is good....and STRONG! A bit on the sweet side. I bottled it without carbonation. I'll let it age and it should be even better!!!

It had been in the jug for over 2 months. I didn't take gravity readings (forgot when I put it up). So I don't know the alcohol. But based on some previous tastings...probably in the 10-11% range.
Remember: Oranges, raisins, cinnamon stick
Looks bad, but made the mead taste great...

Little Red Bottling

OK...so I guess I have to change the name. It came out golden. Tasted good though. Next time I'll add a touch of dark malt in the second beer to make sure it comes out red-ish.

Kinda golden.

plenty o yeast left over!

Big Red Bottling

Big Red bottling! First time using whole hops to dry hop....kinda looks midevil!

Looks cool though


Carboy with soldiers all lined up.

My bottling setup. Seems like kegs would be way easier!
Up next.....little red.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dinner and Beers with Sam Calagione

Sam Calagione was in town for Beerfest and our friends at BusyBee hosted a beer dinner. Very cool. Beer, food and Sam!

Feelin' like a tourist!

Just me and a few friends!

and some beers.

Oh yeah, there was food too.
A good time had by all!
Lots more photos at:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hops Rhizomes are here

I pre-ordered them a couple months ago and Nikobrew shipped them last week and prompt delivery had them in my mailbox in a couple days.

They are in the fridge for now. I got a total of 12. 3 rhizome of 4 different varieties.

Planting probably first week in May.

Waitin' on another shipment from a grower in NY.

Wonder how the Cooperstown Cascade hops are doing?

Look forward to getting them in the ground.

Update: Lots goin' on

Hey....yes the brewing continues....

I dry hopped the Big red 10 days ago and lots of bottling to do. Tomorrow I am going to bottle The Big Red, The Little Red and the mead.

I have been busy. We are shutting down the NC brewery and moving it to NJ. Tomorrow will be the final brewery activities here in NC. (except to drink some of the goods).

Moving day is April 30th. :(

The good thing is a new brewery probably means new/different equipment....???

Photos from bottling, etc to follow.