Monday, August 10, 2009

Big Boss Brewing - Raleigh,NC

Went on the brewery tour on Saturday. They have tours (they break them up in to manageable groups) the Second Saturday of each month at 2pm. You can buy up to 3 tickets for a dollar each to get a taste of whatever they have on tap. (these are full beers, not tastes).

Pretty cool place. They will be brewing about 5000 barrels this year. Thats about 155,000 gallons!!!! This is their 3rd year. They are ahead of business plan. Right now they ship to the Triangle and the mountains. Working on the Piedmont soon. The good volume is from only those locations.

They thought they would be in 2 states by now. Will end up as a regional brewer and be in about 5 states.

They also have a tavern at the brewery. Horniblows (can't make this stuff up folks)

They have the beers on tap and have some that are not out in the bars. A simple place to drink. No food, though you could probably bring it in.

They had a special cask conditioned beer on tap this week. Yummy! STRONG, but good. (ABV approaching 10%)

Tavern is definitely worth the visit. (check the website for hours)

I picked up a growler while I was there....

AND, they have a few hops plants growing outside.

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