Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hops update

So a quick note about our hops.

The nursery with 10 plants reports that they are all the way up the strings. 12 feet on first year hops is really good! May even get a few early hops from them. (though they will probably not be "full strength" hops).

Hops at the NJ location have grown four feet past the top. So that makes them around 18 feet. some varieties have burrs while others are already starting to cone up. (see photo below...centennial)

Hops in Cooperstown were attacked and suffered some serious damage while I was not around to prevent it. Still growing well and are probably at 12 to 14 feet (or more now). Expect they will produce ok...just some leaves don't look great.

Hope things hold together and we have a good crop....

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