Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Brew Day...

Lots of new stuff going on this time. New equipment and methods... I brewed another Hefeweisen...great summer beer...

The new 15 gallon pot and high output burner....

Grains...wheat and barley..


My fly sparging in progress.

Now that's a boil! The new pot worked great.

It's raining hops.....

took a bit longer with 10 gallons+, but the chiller continues to work great. With the ice bath, it chilled in less than 30 minutes.

With tne new siphoning. Simply open the valve and into the carboys.

I pitched the yeast last night around 5:30. By 10:30 the fermentation had started. AND, by 9:00am I had to put blow off tubes on....and it is a good thing.... Biggest krausen I've seen out side of Ommegang.... :)

Smells and looks great.

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