Friday, February 18, 2011

Two Beer Friday! Two brews in one day.

Two brews in one day. Started at 10am... The "Susanne-eweisen" is for her. The "I'll be Bock" is for me. Let's start with the hefe.

With 50% wheat I had to put a bunch of rice hulls to prevent a stuck sparge.

I used what is left of our snowbank to fuel the chiller. I have done a bunch of brews. You're looking at my very first boil over....
Boilover tamed...

Funny...I didn't even see the schmoots in the beer while I was siphoning. The flash froze it in the photo.

So. I only have one 6 1/2 gallon carboy. (currently fermenting the black IPA.) So I put it in a 5 gallon and hooked up a blow off hose.

Now onto the Weisenbock. A darker, stronger wheat beer. Here we are crankin' up the sparge arm.
Some pretty nasty break material there. Lots of wheat protein.

Ooops. Did I forget to mention that I am splitting the batch and adding raspberries to one half?

The Chiller in action....

Da Siphon!
Can u tell which one has the fruit in it?
Phew....a long day....and two beers (three kinda) in the tanks...

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