Monday, February 14, 2011

Bed and Brew...Ommegang

So....If you ever want a great weekend beer event...this is it. A two night stay at a 5 star bed and breakfast. Get to hang out in a great baseball town, and enjoy a food pairing beer dinner at a world class brewery. a group of homebrewers and craft beer lovers.

So....first...a stop on the way at the Albany Pump station for lunch and a growler fill.

Friday night was craftbeer/homebrew night at The Inn at Cooperstown. We enjoyed ourselves....can you tell.

The cool part was...Wes from Ommegang, stopped by on friday to hang with the group.
(Third from left)
It was snowing Saturday when we hopped on the Trolley for the ride to the brewery. (and let's just say it was a white knuckle ride! We arrived safe and sound)
Our Ommegang tour guide...Scott. Always very informative...and funny too....
At the end of the tours...we enjoyed a tasting. This was no "visit the brewery" tasting! We had some stuff that you don't normally have on the tour. My favorite? Zuur. And how about "Cave Aged" beer. Ommegang!
Our new specialty cuisine friend Lucy, put together some perfect pairings. No, really....perfect. are our hosts...Marc and Sherrie, Wes and Lucy.
Here were the beers with our dinner....a great line-up. And the loud table.....
Just a great, food and beer...what more could you ask for....
Oh and....mystery "gakker"....we are still gathering recon.... :)

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  1. Fantastic weekend, and even better beer all weekend. That molasses beer you let me try was amazing. Keep up the good work.