Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wild Cider and not so wild cider

So, I bought a couple gallons of fresh cider from the Fly Creek Cider Fly Creek, NY...go figure.

Well...they sat in the fridge waiting for me to get them going. Guess they got tired of waiting...

They had started fermenting in the fridge....I really should have done this sooner. I put a campden tablet in each.... didn't seem to change things.... Sooooo, I decided to let one gallon ferment with wild yeast and to add Wyeast Cider yeast to the other. In the end, we'll see what the differences are....

Feremeting right out of the fridge.
N0. 1= Wild Yeast. No. 2=Cider Yeast.
Two ciders and a yeast starter....all happily bubbling away.

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