Saturday, January 8, 2011

Great Lakes - Christmas Ale

Soooo. The Fyls Brewing travel team took the adventure bus to the Fox and Hound in Edison,NJ. Made some new friends, had some good beers and got home before the snow.....
Definitely a cool place...we'll be back.

BONUS. Our new friend John chatted us up and offered a beer exchange. I owe him a couple of beers in exchange the Great Lakes Brewing Christmas Ales he pulled out his cold storage. (aka Nissan Extera)
The beer is excellent. Spicy. Rich. Amber. A great Christmas beer. The ginger comes out in the finish. 7.9%. I have never had one of their beers. John has relocated from Ohio. Hope he brings more of their other beers on his trips home. I'll be glad to exchange mine for his. Thanks John. Cheers.

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