Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dogfish Head Brewery tour and Pub Visit

This past weekend we headed to Dogfish Head. We went to the brewery on Friday for a tour and tastings. We bumped into some beer celebrities while hanging out at the tasting bar. Then Friday night and Saturday afternoon we visited the Dogfish Head pub. GREAT BEERS....guess I didn't really need to say that...but figured I would throw that in there. And...Great food too.

First beer of the visit....at the pub..( we snuck over there first). 75 Minute from a cask.
The Randall. Can't get fresher hop taste than that!
The treehouse. As seen on TV.
Cases and Cases....

This weeks crew.
Retired....but still looks great.
The tour.
Big ass wood aging tanks.
Hey, Sam...how are u?
Sam's conversion bucket.
Are there hops in that?
Sunset in Milton, DE
New hat...hey how'd that sign get there?
Ok...the pub also has a distillery. I had a hot chocolate with peanut butter vodka.... Ouch!
I estimate that I had a taste of 14 different Dogfish Head Beers (and one super hot chocolate)....I would have had more, but my liver was revolting! Great trip....

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