Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hopfest 2009

Today was the main Hopfest fun and frolic. The all day event included several exhibits, talks and...well more food and beer. The Madison County Historical Society did a great job in putting everything together.

I found the historical hops exhibits, talks and videos both interesting and informative. The speakers were extremely knowledgeable on the subject. That Al Bullard knows his hops and hops architecture!

Along with all the informative stuff we also had a "Taste of Hops Food and Beer pairing". From Stout & Chocolate to Blackberry Wheat with Pear and Duck...all good to sample.

The Hops Queen 2009

Previous Queens and Kings!

After a visit to the American Homebrewers Tent and the Crowning of the Hops Queen it was on to the Beer Tent. With more than 40 beers to pick from it was quite an adventure....and hey, where did all the people come from? Suddenly, the crowd swelled. Hmmmm, couldn't have something to do with the 2:30pm beer tent opening..??? Good beer and a packed house.

Tomorrow. An all day hop house tour! Should be a great photo op and learning experience.

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