Monday, March 29, 2010

First All-Grain brew! Big Red & Little Red Monsters!

Today was my first All Grain brew. Also the first time I used whole leaf hops for the entire brew. AND, this time, I am making two beers at once! A big red beer and a littler red beer. Dubbed The Big Red Monster and the Little Red Monster....

Whole hops....straight from the grower near Ithaca, NY

Now that's a lot a grain. 18 1/2 pounds!

Dumping the grains into the mash tun! Woo Hoo!

Draining the malty goodness into the brew pot.
Assistant brewers!

The new sparge arm....

The brew


Spent grain

Bobbing for hops!

Two brewpots going at once!

Hop bag floating in the brew!

Chillin' it down.
Big red is done. Little Red draining into second carboy.
Big and Little Red.

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